We provide Mobility Solutions for Travel Industry.

Nowadays, Mobile Solutions for Travel Industry offers people great benefits to enrich and ease their travel plan. Availing advantages of digital technology overcome several obstacles people suffering during their traveling, previously. An efficiently developed travel app can work out your entire schedule that you need to make when you plan an international trip or a short trip within a country for your holidays.

Give Real Time Traveling Experience to Your Customers with Expert Travel App Development Solutions.

At DN Mediaz, as a professional Travel App Development Company, we have proficiency to deliver techno-driven solutions for any bespoke needs of travel industry.

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Our Travel Mobile App Development Solutions

If you are an online travel booking company or a leading travel agency or a regional tour operator or an owner of a travel & hospitality business, we offer effective Travel App Development Solutions that leverage all significant features help to accomplish your customers’ expectation and increase engagement.

Our unsurpassed mobility solutions encompass all needs of travel companies such as:

  • Travel Planning Solution
  • Travel Guide Solution
  • Ticket Booking Solution
  • Check-in and Boarding Solution
  • Hotel Booking Solution
  • Vehicle(Taxi/Bus) Rental Solution
  • Travel Management Solution
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Our Works

Ridesharing AppUI/UX Design. Mobile & Web App Development

Bus Booking App UI/UX Design. Mobile App Development.

Travel App Development

In order to accomplish the need of modern day’s travelers, a travel app needs to build using most advanced features and the recent app development technology gives users’ real time experience to use an app.

Give your customers best-in-class experience at their finger touch using an innovative travel app in order to make their travel experience more pleasant and memorable.

  • Hotel Booking System
  • Ticket Booking System
  • Vehicle Rental Booking
  • GPS Based Location Services
  • Currency Converter
  • Complete Travel Guide
  • Secure Payment Gateway Integration
  • Easy to Use Admin Control Panel
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A travel app should have several features like geolocation tracking services, itinerary generator, weather forecasting, booking services, social media sharing, reviews, and ratings, etc.

There are many reasons to have a mobile app for the travel industry like quick booking, 24x7 availability, more customers, better and loyal customers, better sales, cut to staff due to automated processes, easy data maintenance, and branding to attract more customers.

There's no exact answer to this question as travel app development time depends on many factors like development platform, Features, Non-Functional Requirements, Software Development Model, Design complexity, the total number of screens, the experience level of designer, and Developers, any customization in the 3rd Party Integrations and many other external factors.

• There is no exact answer to this question because the costing of the travel app development depends on the Software Development Model, Features, 3rd Party to be used.

• Development Cost and the developer’s expertise, level of UI/UX, and server costs.

• Send us your project requirement to get the exact cost of developing a travel app.

We provide 24x7 tech support in case of bug fixings and suggest the best solutions being there in your shoes.

We understand your visions and goals to provide the best out of the market and make customized solutions that are just unique for your business.